Are pretzels vegan friendly?

Are pretzels vegan friendly?

Can you eat our moreish knots or not? If you’re a vegan you might be wondering whether soft baked pretzels are a snack for you.

Do they contain any animal by products or ingredients that aren’t great for your vegan diet? Typically, pretzels are made using 3 key ingredients – flour, water and yeast. So based on this, it’s safe to say the basic pretzel is vegan friendly.

But not all are, and here’s why.

Some pretzel companies add fats to their pretzel recipes to give them a richer taste. Traditional recipes call for lard, but these days they may include butter or margarine, which doesn’t bode well for vegans.

The types of pretzels you should avoid are those containing additives and toppings, such as cheese and other dairy products. Skip the dipping sauces too, as the majority of these are not suitable for vegans. This includes mustard sauces as they may contain honey. If in doubt always ask!

At Pretzel Perth, you’ll be chuffed to hear we cater for our vegan friends. Our original savoury pretzel and salted pretzels are made from scratch using no animal derived ingredients, so you can freely chow down as many pretzels as you can handle.

For those with a sweet tooth, our cinnamon sugar pretzel or peanut butter and Oreo flavoured varieties will have you licking your lips in complete satisfaction.

Add a pop of pretzel to your vegan lifestyle! If you’ve yet to try our handmade creations, come by and visit our pink containers in Northbridge and Whitford City, or our pink palace inside Westfield Carousel. We’re open every day of the week!