Is it ok for dogs to eat pretzels?

Is it ok for dogs to eat pretzels?

If you’re a dog owner, you would know there are certain things you should never feed your furry friend like chocolate, onions or dairy food. Although it’s tasty for us – and they might devour it, these foods can be dangerous for them.

So… can dogs eat pretzels?

The short answer: No.

As much as we love our pretzels, we’re also dog lovers, and this is one treat that’s best left for us humans to enjoy.

Let’s explain why.

Salt in food isn’t a flavour enhancer for dogs like it is for us. Some dogs will find anything salty bland and automatically shy away from it, while other dogs will take what they can get without a second thought, and that’s where it can get troubling.

Too much salt for dogs (and cats too) can be fatal. It can cause stiff muscles, excessive thirst or urination, and lead to complications such as sodium ion poisoning, hypernatremia (high amount of salt in the blood) or kidney dysfunction.

But it’s not just pretzels, virtually any food with a kick of salt in it like hot chips, potato chips, even bacon can be harmful for dogs if consumed in large quantities.

If your dog accidentally eats a bit of pretzel or something salty, don’t worry they’ll be ok – just try give them as much water as you can. If you think they’ve eaten a lot, symptoms to watch out for include vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and bloating. In any case take them straight to your local vet to get checked out.

So the next time you’re cruising with your pooch in Northbridge, head to our pretty pink container for the best pretzels in Perth – we’d love to meet your furry friend. But remember, just don’t share your pretzel.

And who knows, we may even come up with a doggy pretzel recipe one day!