Pretzel Perth’s top 10 tasty twists on the pretzel

Pretzel Perth’s top 10 tasty twists on the pretzel

If you’re pretzel fanatics like us, you’d agree our soft pretzels are perfect on their own. But why stop there!

Aside from all the endless dipping and topping combinations out there for you to dunk and smear all over, pretzels are so versatile you can virtually add it to anything to reinvent a tasty snack.

With the Ashes kicking off this week, we bet they’ll be a lot of snacking going on – so here are our top 10 twists on pretzels for you to try.

Pretzel burgers

Tired of the regular burger bun? Next time burgers are on the menu why not put a gourmet twist on it with pretzel buns. They might look like an ordinary crusty bun on the outside, but take one bite and you’ll notice the soft chewy difference on the inside.

The only downside to these is they do take a long time to make, and like most buns they’re best eaten the same day.

Pretzel beer cheese dip

Ever heard of beer cheese dip? As a beer loving nation we’re a little surprised this has never taken off, maybe not until now when combined with soft pretzels.

Add our own delicious pretzels to the mix, or make a cheats biscuit pretzel version at home (although we all know nothing beats a true soft pretzel). Then invite your mates over for the footy and you’re sorted!

Pretzel dogs

If you love pretzels and hot dogs then this totally makes sense. These are a little more involved than your everyday hot dog, but they’re worth the effort, and you can freeze them ahead of time too.

Loaded pretzel bombs

These bacon and cheese stuffed pretzels are literally the bomb and they make a great snack food. There’s no limitations to what you could add into one of these, so experiment with different flavour combos to find your favourite.

Pretzel nuggets

Pretzel nuggets (or pretzel bites) are more of an American thing, and you’ll be hard pressed to find them at a supermarket in Australia. But if you love to try new things in the kitchen, this DIY recipe is worth a shot. Try topping them with garlic butter, parmesan or cinnamon sugar.

Mozzarella stuffed pizza pretzels

Much like our cheese and pepperoni pretzel, these stuffed pizza pretzels will surely hit the spot for any pizza lover. There’s nothing better than pulling one of these apart to reveal the stretchy cheesy surprise.

Nutella stuffed pretzel bites

Almost as good as our Nutella coated pretzel, you could be mistaken to think these pretzel bites are Nutella filled donuts. One bite though, and you’ll discover the distinct pretzel taste we all love.

Soft pretzel bread pudding

If you can never decide between sweet or savoury snacks, then this recipe is right up your alley. Not a fan of bread pudding? Try it with pretzels and you might change your mind. Use our soft pretzels (if you can resist eating them straight away) and give this easy recipe a go.

Pumpkin-stuffed pretzel french toast

Pretzel inspired French toast? You betcha! This recipe uses pretzel buns and combines a delicious pumpkin filling to make the ultimate French toast recipe. Try it with different fillings like apple and cinnamon, banana and Nutella or peanut butter and jam.

Soft Pretzel Panzanella

A salad of a different kind! Tear soft pretzels into rustic chunks, then toss with your favourite salad ingredients.

How do you like your pretzels Perth?