Pretzel’s Top 5 Favourite Eats Around Our Northbridge Location

Pretzel’s Top 5 Favourite Eats Around Our Northbridge Location

Chicho Gelato

Known to have some of the best, top of the range gelato in Perth, Chicho is no joke to the average Perth city-goer. Just around the corner from Pretzel in Northbridge you can grab creative scoops of ice cream before or after a meal around the area! (or why not both?)

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar

If you’re not feeling a Perth city Pretzel, head on over to the laneway across the road from Chi Cho Gelato in Northbridge for a delicious plate of al dente pasta! Classics such as the Pig-Cheek Carbonara and Kangaroo Bolognese are a hit – Casual eats done right.

U & I Cafe

What beats a twenty-four hour Vietnamese restaurant in the city? Nothing we can think of off the top of our head! This bustling and packed night spot is a staple among the weekend after a night out on the town and it’s less than 200 metres away from Pretzel Northbridge, grab a bowl of authentic Pho Tai or our personal favourite is the Dry Egg Noodles with Roast Duck.

Whisk Creamery

Soft, smooth and creamy serves of ice cream in a variety of different flavour combinations which will have you drooling and come back for more! Go for their ‘Takoyaki’ which is a Japanese style icecream and as weird as it sounds, a fish head filled with soft serve. This popular Perth dessert stop would be just what you want after smashing down one of our savoury Pretzels with our special cheese sauce.

RoyAl’s Chicken & Burgers

Only a few feet away from our Perth city Pretzel location is infamous Perth burgers RoyAl’s. Known for their epic burgers and chicken there’s no doubt it’s one of our favourites in Northbridge as let’s be honest, a well-cooked beef patty or crispy chicken fillet does the trick any day of the week.

Just a couple other awesome eaterys around Pretzel Perth! Feel free to hit us up in the DM if you need anymore recommendations!