The Perth Pretzel lowdown: 6 twisted facts about pretzels

The Perth Pretzel lowdown: 6 twisted facts about pretzels

Think you know everything these is to know about pretzels?

We’re not about to debate the many origins of the pretzel, but these facts we’re pretty certain of. Perth pretzel lovers – let’s see how well you know your pretzels!

An unsalted pretzel is called a ‘baldie’.

The name says it all, it’s a pretzel without the salt topping. A great alternative if you prefer a less salty variety.

The pretzel dance move.

The what now? Yes the pretzel move does exist. It’s actually an old school swing dance step, but it’s also an exercise for toning your booty (if you do Pilates or Barre you may have come across it before).

Rather than try and explain it, check out this pretzel dance clip to see a modern take on the pretzel swing move. Something tells me though, it will never take off like the floss.

The phrase ‘tying the knot’ was inspired by the pretzel.

The Swiss actually came up with the idea, and it’s still seen as a sign of good luck at wedding ceremonies in Switzerland today. Newlyweds break a pretzel and make a wish, similar to how other cultures might break a wishbone or glass.

The world’s largest pretzel weighs 783.81kg.

Think you could stomach it? According to the Guinness World Records, the largest pretzel to ever make it into the record books measured 8.93m long by 4.06m wide, and weighed a whopping 783kg! It was created by the brand Pilsener and Industries La Constancia in El Salvador back in 2015.

26 April is Pretzel Day.

Yippee we get our own day to celebrate. Whilst this day is more observed in the U.S., we can’t help but join in the fun too. And if that’s not enough, October is officially pretzel month! Any excuse to enjoy a delicious pretzel…or 2.

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