The Pretzel Process

At Pretzel Perth, we’ve spent a lot of hours perfecting our pretzel recipe to ensure you can enjoy the best pretzels in Perth.


We’re picky about making sure every pretzel we bake is as good as the next one. All of our pretzel dough is made from scratch in store, rolled by hand and baked to order, so you can always enjoy these delicious knots fresh straight from the oven.  


Did you know it takes 6 months to learn how to roll pretzels like a pro? Our pretzel makers hone their skills, so they can keep up at a production pace and not falter on quality. Check out our ‘how to’ video to see how to tie a pretzel knot – they make it look so easy!

How do our pretzels get their distinctively shiny brown exterior? Although a basic pretzel tastes salty, we do find adding a little bit of sugar helps. After rolling and twisting our knots to perfection, we dunk them in a water bath solution before baking, which also helps give them their glossy brown finish.


Whilst we can’t give away our secret recipe, what we can say is that our pretzels only contain the good stuff – no nasty additives or preservatives, and better still they’re vegan friendly too!


Come see us rolling in action at Pretzel Northbridge, Pretzel Whitford City or Pretzel Carousel.