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Pretzel is a Australia’s Pinkest bakery founded and operated by a Perth local, Brittany Garbutt. Starting in 2017 in a lil shipping container, Pretzel quickly grew a cult following thanks to its delicious treats, and quickly started expanding across WA. In 2019, we built our very first Melbourne store. We now have 11 stores, and as the Pretzel Queen’s reign expands, so does the yummy goodness!

We are all about that dough, baby!

Each and every pretzel pumped out of our pretty pink containers are handmade by one of our artisan pretzel bakers, right there on site!

We top all our pretzels with only the freshest – funnest ingredients, from classic savoury flavours to a whole range of delicious sweet pretzels!

Our Pretzel containers, located in Perth and Melbourne, are Australia’s favourite one-stop snack shop.

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Is Pretzel a Franchise?

No, unfortunately not! Pretzel is a privately owned company! Solely owned by one girl in Western Australia. This means we do not have opportunities for people to franchise with us.

What vegetarian options do you have?

All of our pretzels are vegetarian expect for the bacon and pepperoni pretzels.

What vegan pretzels do you have?
  1. Original
  2. Salted
  3. Cinnamon sugar
  4. Peanut butter oreo
How is ghee vegan?

The ghee is a vegetable ghee that is a vegan alternative.

I am trying to order on Uber, and usually I can, but I can’t see the store?

Uber works on a “roaming radius” dependant on the amount of drivers and delivery people they have working at the time. Sometimes the radius shrinks to accomodate, and we are no longer visible to you.

Are any of your pretzels halal?

Unfortunately we prepare all pretzels in same environment so there is no guarantee that there is no contamination between the halal pretzels and the haram.

How many calories do pretzels contain?

An original pretzel contains 312 calories however with the addition of toppings this increases the calorie count.

Why does my pretzel look smaller that usual?

All of our pretzels are handmade therefore we cannot ensure that every pretzel rolled is identical, this is why we weigh each pretzel so that we can make sure that ever pretzel is as similar as possible.

Why is there a wait for pretzels?

All of our pretzels are handmade and made to order, this means we have to allow for cooking and preparation time.

Do the pretzels contain nuts?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that there has been no cross contamination as they are all prepared in the same environment as some of the products that we use contain nuts.

Do you have any gluten free pretzels?

We have tried to introduce a gluten free pretzel however it was difficult to guarantee that there would be no cross contamination between the regular flour and the gluten free flour.

Do you take Amex?

Yes we take Amex cards a on our square reader but not our tyro machine.

How do I apply to work at pretzel?

Send us an email at jobs@pretzelaustralia.com.au with your resume and preferred location!

Locations & Contact


hello@pretzelaustralia.com.au    08 6156 6490

Curtin Exchange

Shop R05B, Curtin Exchange Precinct, 418, Beazley Ave, Bentley WA 6102, Australia
0435 882 484

Eastland Shopping Centre

Eastland Shopping Centre, Maroondah Highway, Ringwood VIC, Australia

Westfield Knox Ozone

Westfield Knox, 425 Burwood Hwy, Wantirna South VIC 3152, Australia

Westfield Doncaster

619 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster VIC, Australia

Melbourne Central

Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, Swanston Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia


48 Market Street, Fremantle WA, Australia

Mandurah Forum

300 Pinjarra Rd, Mandurah WA, Australia

Westfield Carousel

1382 Albany Hwy, Cannington WA, Australia

Westfield Whitford City Shopping Centre

Marmion Avenue & Whitfords Ave, Hillarys WA 6025, Australia

Perth Cultural Centre

49 James St, Northbridge WA 6000, Australia